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Default 70's Ludwig Vistalites

Here's some pics of my Vistalites up and running.
22x13, 16x16, 13x9. The12x8 is not pictured since it sits on the shell. No use for that one.
The snare is an Acrolite.

I restored this kit last year, it was in pretty bad shape after years of neglect. Not a collector's set by any means, this thing is meant to be played. Hard!

I got an Ambassador on the snare, Vintage Emperors on the toms and a Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum. Ambassador resos all around.

The cymbals in the pic:

-60s New Beats
-Istanbul Mehmet Traditional ride 20"
-Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Crash/Ride 21"
-Dream (Bliss?) 20"

I'm starting to really get to know this setup, it's a joy to play and sounds really good!
Looks pretty nice too, though it's definitely not for everyone.
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