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Default Re: When a non-drummer moves your gear.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I normally handle my own gear on local gigs, but may allow another drummer or musician to assist if offered (and essential to loading in/out or getting on/off stage.)

But I know that non-drummers in the local crew frequently handle my gear on tour, and I learned long ago to make certain things foolproof. For example, anything with a wingnut was subject to being loosened by helpful people trying to compact hardware. Obviously, this plays havoc with everything that had been preset, such as stand heights, and boom arm extensions and tilter angles. The solution: replace all wingnuts (that don't need to be loosened) with hex nuts -

I also went a step further, replacing the wingnuts on my cymbal tilters with screw-on T-tops, so there's nothing to be removed or replaced or lost. Also makes handling the cymbals much faster, and with one hand. I also use them on my local stands. :)

That's a great idea. I'm stealing it. People "compacting" my stuff is usually what irks me. I have a method, damnit! Usually I'll just fold in the legs and leave all the boom angles and stuff so it's faster next time.
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