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Default Re: What's with the cape inside joke?

LOL...pretty funny.Actually at that age,I was a high school freshman,and I was into my drums,going to live concerts at the Fillmore East,The Garden,Bottom Line,The Bitter End,record stores in the Village,GIRLS,Dayglow posters and black lights,,smoking dope,GIRLS,protesting the war in Vietnam,smoking dope,playing in my band,good books,the NY Times,GIRLS,The Hobbet,and Castenadas "Tales of Power",GIRLS,smoking hash,...(sorry said that already)MUSIC of the day,Beatles,Hendrix,The Who.Tull,Santana,Cream.Zappa and anything else that was revoloutionary,and counter culture.Did I say dropping acid?

My cousin eventually came back to his house,a few hours later,feet bleeding and freezing.He assumed a new identity as Batman.After that,he eventually settled down,moved to Bucks county Pennsylvania and became an electrician,who has his own business whos name sounds like the name of a playing card..Tag....your it.:):)

Steve B

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