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Default Re: DW 6000 vs DW 9000 hi hat

The stands in the 6000 series are great. I have used them for 3 or 4 years.

I use them (straight stands) for heavy rock, larger cymbals, and for a 24" ride that I crash a lot. No problems.
I use the snare stand for the tom too, no issues with that stand either.

The 6000 hi-hat stand wobbled a LOT though, so I didn't buy one.

If the playing isn't hard, the 6000 hat stand would probably be OK, but, if you are going to be laying into the hats more than say a "medium" heaviness (for pop/rock or something), the 7000 is much more sturdy (but still lighter weight), and feels really good.
It's not "matching" in the legs, but IMO it is a better stand overall for anything over light playing. The tube diams. on the 7000 don't look out of place with the 6000 line stands either (when you get nit-picky, you think about this stuff :-) ).

A flat base stand that does NOT wobble is the Ludwig ATLAS Classic.
15" hats played hard and no wobble, and the spring/footboard feels great. Not a match with the footboard, but the overall look matches, and from 5-10 feet away no one would know the difference--if you want the floor space to look the same.

If you can, try out the 6000 hi-hat stand to see if it's sturdy for you. Otherwise, for a brand match, and good feel, the 7000 is really nice.
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