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Default Miking options with Wood Hoops

I've been thinking about wood hooped kit recently and wondering what options you have, and what issue arise, for close miking the drums in a live setting. I'm talking about the modern yahama style wood hoops, not the vintage ones.

Does anyone have any experiences with this? Do they sell special clips for this, or do you put mics on boom stands for every drum? I think would be ticked off if I was a sound guy trying to deal with all those boom stands, but maybe not.. idk. Steve Jordan uses mic stands for every drum and it seems to work for him. I was wondering if maybe this would force sound guys to just go with overheads for drum micing instead of close miking, which I might prefer, because I had sound guys one more than one occasion forego overheads and just close mics drums..

What are your thoughts on this?
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