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Default Re: Does anyone have this Gibraltar throne?

Originally Posted by johnnylaw View Post
You could look at the Yamaha DS 550 throne. I just picked one from flea bay for $38 and whittled over three pounds from the kit. No negatives to report after about ten hours of use.

Lightening of the hardware bag is one of my objectives. I have also one of the 600 series single braced straight stands from Yamaha supporting two cymbals, and it works perfectly.
If I were to take a risk with a super light throne, it would certainly be a Yamaha. I'm always impressed by how they get the balance right between weight, solid build, design and functionality.

However, I need a throne that my Carmichael seat top can fit on, basically a spindle model. I've had my Gibraltar throne for 15 years and it's indestructible so I'm going to order the single braced version. The reduction in weight will be minimal, but like Les said, you gotta take it where you can get it.
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