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Default Re: Trying to put a module into my Yamaha DD-65 e-drum kit

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Have you actually priced out your idea?
Just a module and rack (no pads, cymbals, cables or pedals) is $449 from this place:

I still think it'd be less expensive to sell or trade your dd65 towards an M12. All the used M12's I've seen go for around $500 - subtract what you'd get for your dd65 from that.

Also - you've got 8 pads on your dd65. How many did you want to have in total?


I would be satisfied even with a total of 6 Pads (excluding hi hat), but the point is having a bit more of space for playing, thus making the drumming more comfortable.

Yes, I did calculated the total quickly, and I got a total of $1,210 approx. for everything I want. I know it's not actually little money, but I think it may be worth after all.

I've moved away from the initial idea I had in the first post, why? because if I calculate the price of buying the M12 + let's say 3 pads of good quality the price also rises quite as well, and I still think I will not be as content as making my own e-drum kit from zero. What would you like to add? some recommendation?, I'm open to your suggestions, I mainly want to do it for myself for the limited space I dispose.

Thank you!
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