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Default Re: What's with the cape inside joke?

I have a cousin ,that at 14 years of age,actually though he was a secret agent.This was in the 60's when James Bond,The Man fron UNCLE,The Avengers,and Secret Agent were popular.

He ran around with a brief case and carried a BB pistol,in a sholder holster,and had a knife and a set of 2 way radios in his brief case.

This wasn't something he did on occasion as play,he did this every single day,except he didn't carry the BB pistol in school.

One day,my uncle had had enough,and in front of me and my parents,he took all of his secret agent stuff away,and went on a tirade of how he really wasn't a secret agent.

My cousin ran away,in the dead of winter,no coat,no shoes as he had a complete panic/anxiety attack,being embassased in front of us.

So I can find the possibility of the cape story,certainly plauseable,and have on occasion see teenagers do stranger and more dangerous things to get attention,or run away from it.

So ,I'm with Jules on this one.I think this kid assumed ,he was addressing a forum of his peers,age wise ,and was just playing"my storie's better then your story",or maybe,he was curious if anybody else wore a spiffy cape,while drumming.

In the context of early Genesis Peter Gabriel,Alice Cooper,and Kiss,it's not really that bizzare .

Steve B
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