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Default Re: Trying to put a module into my Yamaha DD-65 e-drum kit

Hi guys,

The thing does not seem as easy as I thought. Well, I'm currently using a VST through the MIDI-USB to PC with the Yamaha DD-65, and I get a decent sound, so it's not really the problem, the thing was that I got bored of playing in such small pads, and I really wanted to add more realism in it but without get out much of the budget. But my great problem is that I live in a department now and as you may know, I cannot afford to got a big drum kit, do not have much space. So I'm between both worlds, of go ahead with what I have now or build my own e-drum kit from a module (probably the Yamaha DTX502) although it does not have the MIDI OUT, is not a big deal, since I will be using a VST anyway. And yeah, my budget is pretty tight. The Yamaha Multi-12, is good idea, and I will think about it. The DTX700 would be awesome, but quite expensive for me right now.

Right now I lean more, as I said above, buying the Yamaha DTX502 module, get an e-drum rack (yamaha if possible), some pads and ready to play. I already have bass drum pedal, and kick Pad, also from Yamaha I got a few years ago. So I think, if i build my own e-drum kit I'm nearly there. What do you think on this?

Thank you!
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