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Default Re: Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

Done, part 2 ;-)

I reworked the heel block shape, they looked too pointed on one end to me which also didn't feel comfortable when using the pedal barefoot (which I would usually do).

The second thing I changed was the screws. 1 orig. Axis screw was still missing and I decided to buy some stainless screws and replace the screws on the footplates - silver cosmetics throughout which looks pretty cool IMO. I needed to shorten those screws though and also to deburr the edges after trimming them. Which is a bit of a pain with stainless steel due to the higher stability of that material.

Those stainless screws were hard to mount so after much fumbling around I decided to rework them using a thread cutter. They fit perfectly afterwards - lesson learned for next time. Next to the thread cutter you can see the 'salvaged' orig. Axis screws and a few spare screws. The new screws looked ok as they were but I thought I'd sand off that labeling on the screw heads. More time, more aching fingers, more cosmetics. The end result looks cool to me.

So what's next? Finishing the drive shaft. And forgetting about touching the Axis for any more modifications ever.
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