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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

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I started using a click track during live gigs with my band last week. I've used the click for practice through my entire experience as a drummer but never in a live situation because I thought that the groove on a live set should be felt as human as possible. I put together a small click station that involved a 4 channel mixer, an ipad, and a passive DI box. At first I was fearing for my life that I was just going to be so completely out of control from the click that I would end up hitting the kill switch within 30 seconds of the song. After playing 3 sets through, I got pretty comfortable and it seemed like the band was way tighter. I guess you could say I dove head first on this experience and I'm glad I did because now I know which part in each song I can expend my energy or keep reserved. But like others have state there may be that risk of depending on the click. I don't see it that way, but rather see it as a very essential tool for allowing the audience to comprehend what the rest of the band is playing.
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