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Default Re: Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

Brat? She did what was expected of her by her school and did it better than anyone else at that school, And still has the smarts to know that the education she got could have been better. That school shouldn't be upset, they should be embarrassed. I'm sure the district will take a look now to see where they failed her, well, maybe not. If they have the same kind of FCAT testing as here in Florida, where, as I said before, is testing to see how the school is doing, and the teachers and students spend their time, teaching and learning just to pass these tests, the the students are being cheated. Props to her for standing up to a useless failing system. Don't you just hate it when common sense shows up the hierarchy. As my signature says, She is a Realist in a world full of Dreamers.
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