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Default Re: Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

I cwas lucky enough,to have mostly rebelious ,foward thinking teachers and professors,that taught me how to learn,and the think for myself.Question EVERYTHING.
(Which is kind of counter to what most people think cops do)

Don't worry about perfection.It's alway better to understand what you've learned,than learning a subject to mearly pass a test,and forget everything about it the next day.

Memorization is good,comprehension is 100 times better.

It's funny that in some of the comments,one poster calls her a brat.Well,people like that just buy into a system that been broken for some time.The same system stifles all creativity,and individual thinking.We haven't been to the moon since December of 1972.Our education system is at least partially to blame for that.(yeah I know,we never went to the moon,dispite the mountains of evidence we actually did,crazy person)

Steve B
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