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Default Early 80's Ludwig Restoration Complete

Just finished working on this early 80's Ludwig, Blue/Olive, 6-Ply, Big Beat set-up. This is going to be my main gigging kit so it's not a classic restoration but more of a resto-mod. Both toms have Ambassador X batter heads, Clear Ambassador resos and S-Hoops that I had left over from an old project, top and bottom. 8x12 tom has a Nexus carbon fiber isolation mount so I could use a DW 12.7mm tom arm. Bass drum cymbal holder is the DW SM770S attached to the New Ludwig Axis Mount. And it all fits on a 40"x55" carpet.

Dunnett: 6.5x13 Titanium snare
Ludwig Big Beat: 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 (9x13: Not Shown)
Paiste 2002: 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hats, 18" Crash, 19" Crash, 22" Prototype Ride
DW 6000 Straight Cymbal Stands
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