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Default Re: Info for a first e-drum set

I would start on an acoustic kit first.Way more responsive.Even the most expensive e-kits wont prepare you for what a true acoustic kit does.I am saying learning on the e-kit,makes it so you almost have to relearn again on an actual kit.
Try and get together with other drummers who have acoustic kits,and try and get time on them.Maybe you know someone who plays drums and and wants to learn guitar,and you could offer to play his drums while he gets to play along on his guitar.Would give you time to decide if you enjoy drums,around someone who could show you basics,on an actual kit,in an environment that allows it.You wouldnt feel pressured,because youre both beginners technically.
From there decide if youre a drummer,then go look at e-kits.You will find after playing the acoustic kit,that you may not even want an e-kit anymore.Kinda like getting a blow up doll after having a hot girlfriend.
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