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Default Re: Alesis DM7 problems

I am not positive about the module that comes with the DM7 and its bells and whistles,but the studio set I bought a couple years ago still works very well,with the trigger i/0 ran into the laptop,through ezdrummer.Just really have to play with it.
Remember,youre beating the heck out of something electronic,that is sensitive and connected to each other,so it takes tweaking.Plan on a good 10 hours of just clicking buttons and hitting pads to get to know it.It isnt a plug and play scenario,and believe it or not,it isnt for these other guys on here with the Roland the price of a new car either.Theirs takes learning and tweaking as well.In fact once in a while,one of them will admit their limitations.Rare but happens.
They are all electric kits,and will never be confused with an acoustic kit.Just cant approach it the same way.Remember,there isnt a 10,000 dollar e-kit,that even comes close to the response of a 300 dollar acoustic is purely true,and the other is attempting to be.The more you pay,the closer you come.Its kind of like making beef jerky at home.You buy all these cheap steaks,and dry them out or dehydrate them,use different seasonings and spices and cures,all to try and copy the flavor of the one you can buy at the gas station for a buck.It comes out ok,but you can do better,so you get better beef,which costs more.Turns out better,but still not quite there,so you buy the finest cuts the butcher has.Dry em out,and its really good...not exactly the same,but after the hundreds you have spent to make it taste like the dollar version,youre going to call it better.

Dont get caught up in it.Youre about too,and invest more,instead of just realizing its an e-kit.These people spending tens of thousands have tens of thousands to play with.In most cases,they can have whatever they want.Rarely is the average working musicians saving up for his next 2,300 dollar Roland module to add to the others.Thats something the one percent can do,and Roland makes a killing off them,but in no way get caught up in it.Your acoustic kit does things all their money in the world wont be able to make an ekit do.Remember that.Its a practice kit,no matter what others try to justify it as.

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