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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?


Drumsticks are wood... wood is an organic material... It comes in many weights, especially since it gets chopped up into dowels and then milled into a stick.

ALL drumstick brands have an "ideal" weight for each model stick.
A 5A's "ideal weight" might be around 5.0 grams per stick, while a 5B might be 6.0.
Each company is different.
That being said, you can get ALL your 5A's to be 5.0, depending on the slice of wood it may be heavier or lighter. So they weigh them and pair them up from -10 to +10 grams.
So you will get 5A's that are 4.0g and some that are 6.0g and everything in between.
They will typically be matched into pairs that are the same weight plus or minus 1-2 grams.
*by mixing them up in the store your destroying the fact that the factory already matched them within 1 or 2 grams, and probably sticking pairs together that are waaaay off.

But that's why some sticks will feel so much lighter than others. If you have been playing with a heavy 5A and then found yourself holding a pair that is 20 grams lighter you will notice a BIG change.

Doesn't mean they are making sticks any different, only that you got a pair that was lighter than before.

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
I know I didn't like Zildjian sticks when I tried them awhile back, but now I hear they are being made by VF. So maybe they've improved too.
Vic Firth has been making Zildjian's sticks LOOOOOONG before Zildjian bought them.
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