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Default Re: So I got a 28 inch BD.. Now for the heads..

Originally Posted by phonorat View Post
so youre saying leave it wide open unless it calls for a strip?
Sure. Or at least start there. Your taste dictates how you muffle the head. Your mention of the Bonham equation ..... well, Bonham used felt. Emperor/Amdassador combo. They didn't have P3 heads, back then. Heck, the Pinstripe head didn't come out, until '74 (according to the info. I've read.
The P3 head has a built on richie ring. So ..... when I seat a P3 batter, I don't use felt. But it it rings too much for you, then felt it. My Yamaha 28x14 had two small blocks of foam attached inside the shell (former marching drum). They just barely made head contact. That was a wonderful drum, with Ambassadors batter and reso.
This seat does not recline as per Federal Aviation Regulation 121.310 (f)(3)
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