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Originally Posted by franklinj
Rock and Roll was transcribed in MD in a different way. It had the left and right hands playing the same thing with accents on certain notes. It also started on the and of 3. The MD one sounds pretty accurate...
I think I've seen that version or a version of that version. Personally, for me starting it on the and of 3 just doesn't seem to set as well on this intro because it doesn't come out correctly at the end without some metric adjustments being made. Plus that group of four 8th notes where the first and last are accented really seem to feel like they fall on a strong downbeat (they fall on 3 in my version).

As far as playing all the articulations in each hand (locked hands): I've played around with playing the entire intro with locked hands and accents, but it seems too weighed down that way. Plus, listening very closely to the recordings, I don't hear the hi-hat articulations on every attack like the MD transcription probably has. I really here those short spaces when he rides and accents on the hi-hat as something different than an attack made by a stick: with the partially open hi-hat, I hear a little "clatter" that could be mistaken as an attack, but sounds different than the other attacks because there is no stick articulation. This "clatter" attack comes off well to my ear when I play the intro as above.

That's not to say one is right or one is wrong - I just like mine better. I don't write for MD and I'm definitely not as qualifed to as the people who do, but I still like to think about this stuff and test it out as much as the next person.

You know, if you happen to have that transcription, I'd really like to see it. Is there a link or a way you could possibly email it or something? I can't help but wonder now... :)

Thanks franklinj.
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