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Default DW 6000 vs DW 9000 hi hat

Hi all,

Bit of a first world dilemma, so apologies:

I own the 9000 hihat at the mo, but as you can see from past posts, I'm pretty much about the vintage gear. I bought it for myself as a present, and to match the bass pedal I have. I like it, but by Eco, it's heavy as....

Whilst not gigging very often anymore, I'm playing a lot of jazz and lower register stuff lately, but still get the odd live gig with the old band, which is a bit more raucous, heavy rock.

I want the 6000 gear, it looks great to me, and fits in with my aesthetic. ideally I would keep what I already have, and build the 6000, but that's silly, so I was thinking of selling the 9000 and buying the 6000, going for a good price at the mo, but will it stand up to the rigours of heavy playing? Is it as responsive, or is the gap in price solely down to performance, or is it due to the obviously less metal needed to build a 6000?

Anyone played both and got opinions?

Any help would be ace!
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