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Default Re: The "Loundess War" is over?

I was lucky enough to hear the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center,in rehearsal when I was still in uniform assigned to the 20 Precinct in Manhattans upper west side.(this is what most people think of as New York City,but the Boro of Manhattan is actually a part of NYC)That day,I was assigned as a 1 of 4 police officers who provide security to a national treasure.

Anyway,there was over 100 pieces there and they were playing some "music from the movies"The selections were from"A big Country", 2001 A Space Odyssey",Star Wars" and Star Trek" among others.

To hear that music live,especially some of the music from "Star Trek,The Motion Picture",played by the NY Philharmonic,was in two words, breath taking .

The dynamics were all a part of every piece,but when it got loud,it was louder than most concerts I've ever been to.

It was at that point, where I really understood why audiophiles,spend thousands on the some of the best and most powerful audio equipment in the world.To truly come even close, to reproducing that music,as it was meant to be heard,you need equipnent that will deliver every nuances ,at every dynamic range.

In other words,sometimes,you need to go to 11.:)

Steve B
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