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Originally Posted by audioragegarden View Post
In George Orwell's 1984, the future was supposed to be the government spying on everyone to catch wrongdoers. In the present reality, it's the people themselves photographing and recording each other with smartphone cameras and posting it online to spread everywhere and people get in trouble that way.

We have met Big Brother and he is us.
Really?Come to NY City and then tell me big brother is the people..There problably isn't more that 2 square of space,than isn't under video and audio servailence,and not by John Q Public either.

The FBI,CIA,NSA ,DEA,ATF, NYPD,even the private sector,have an eyeball on all of it,not to mention drones.While the public in general shares information through social media sites,that info is miniscule in comparison, to what is gleened by federal,state and municipal agencys.You have no idea,trust me.

Big brother IS real,but it's not the public that are using that information to gleen intellegence.The public is just a tool, used by Big Brother to gather more information..And if that prevents more terrorist attacks,anywhere in the world,saves innocent lives,and brings down Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group,bring it.

Using that tech,I could tell you more about youself,than even YOU know.The world is a different place after 9/11.I was there,before it happened

Steve B
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