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Default Finally 0.565" diameter in the Promark line

I'm pleased to learn that the new Promark Select Balance line will offer the 0,565" option. I really love Promark drumsticks but there are so many 0.551" diameter for 5A sticks in the catalog!!

The Promark standard 5A stick seems to be the most thin, comparing with other brands (Zildjian .56, Vic Firth .565, Vater .570, Los Cabos .575...). There are barely only 4-5 choices for sticks in the 0.56-0.57" bracket (I know the light TX818, and the Marco Minneman and Dom Howard 0.571" sticks with their pretty long taper).

I'm looking forward to try the Forward Balance (short taper) with the 0.565 diameter (the Vic Firth 5A standard). On paper, with the teardrop tip, is already for me a perfect match ! ;-)
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