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Default Re: The "Loundess War" is over?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post

But as far as sheer volume,have you ever heard a 100 piece Symphony Orchestra live?Holy ringing ear drums Batman.

Steve B
Yes Steve, it's wonderful isn't it! That orchestra may be loud, but it's also dynamic - something that compressed recordings certainly are not. I hate compression in general, but especially because it sucks all those big dynamics out of the music. I notice this especially when we upload one of our drum videos to Youtube, although their compression is fairly measured compared to some media.

Isn't it a pity that the advancements in recording methods are stifled by the need to compress. Without compression, or at least, with measured use, a modern recording involving real instruments can be something wonderful, but alas, we rarely get to hear it. Company sponsored drum marketing videos are real offenders too. They go for impressive, & that completely removes their value in terms of really getting to hear what the instrument produces. Even worse now, recordings purporting to be "natural" are often anything but. They still can't resist mastering to full volume using compression tools.
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