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Default Re: The "Loundess War" is over?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Good idea!

I think one thing that encouraged compression was car radios - when the volume drops you lose it under the ambient noise. Since then it's become a formula.

As for TV advertisers, since they're not allowed to exceed the peak volume of a program, they sit at that peak the whole time. Meanwhile, you need to turn up to hear characters speaking in a near whisper in a dramatic moment but when the ads come on it's like an explosion. So you turn down until you start missing quiet dialogue again so you need to turn up ...
Grea,in the US,the FCC (federal communications commission) enacted laws,the say commercials MUST be at or below the TV programs volume they accompany.These went into effect in December 2012.

This applies to broadcast,cable or satallite TV.It's nice not having someone annoying jerk ,screaming at you, trying to sell you something you don't need at 10 O'clock at night.And if you act now,they'll double the offer for free,so you'll have twice as much junk.

But as far as sheer volume,have you ever heard a 100 piece Symphony Orchestra live?Holy ringing ear drums Batman.

Steve B
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