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Default Re: So I got a 28 inch BD.. Now for the heads..

Originally Posted by phonorat View Post
I have a 28"x14"

The first thing in mind, (of course) is the Bonham equation. Everyone can probably recite this in their sleep but, Emperor on the batter side, Amb on the reso side.
Don't forget felt strips.
Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
The Fiberskyn will be thicker and more muted.
I was running my Luddie 26 with a PS3 batter, and a Fiberskyn reso. No need for felt. Fiberskyn is a good alternative. Reso, it tames the "boom" a tad. If you want a slightly less open sound (like what the Emperor/Ambassador combo gives), you might wanna try the Fiberskyn.
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