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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Last I heard, Pro-Mark are making big improvements to their product since D'Addario took over their company as well as Evans products. I've always played D'Addario strings on my acoustic guitars, and I've played hickory 747 Rock sticks for years and will always have a pair lying around somewhere, I suppose. I have gotten a few bananas in the years past. I haven't experienced any weight issues though, but I've not bought a pair for quite awhile either. Been experimenting with some other brands like VF and Vater. I know I didn't like Zildjian sticks when I tried them awhile back, but now I hear they are being made by VF. So maybe they've improved too. Seems like everybody is trying to improve their products, but in doing so, some changes are being made. You may be experiencing one of the spec changes. IDK.
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