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Default So I got a 28 inch BD.. Now for the heads..

I have a 28"x14" 1972 Ludwig BD and I am trying to decide on heads.

The first thing in mind, (of course) is the Bonham equation. Everyone can probably recite this in their sleep but, Emperor on the batter side, Amb on the reso side.

But I have run into a problem... I saw one of my same type of kick drums with the Fiberskyn 3's on the reso side... It looks just awesome obviously. I am not sure how much different that can make the drum sound from the regular Amb coated. I hear it has a lot deeper, darker tone to it which could be a good thing for this type of drum. The drum with the original heads on it now still have a good amount of ring to them which i don't want.

Can someone enlighten me on this?
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