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Default Looking for a Rogers substitute strap

Hey all,

So I put a word out to our Rogers expert here, John Ploughman, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else can help me out.

I just picked up a Rogers Supreme pedal from the mid-70s to go with my Rogers kit I just got, and I always loved that pedal - in fact, I think Tama stole that design (with a few major modifications) to create their King Beat pedal - but that's another story. Anyway, I always thought the Rogers felt great when I played other peoples' new ones back in the day, so now I have one.

Mine has a strap that's original, it's in good shape, but it's pushing 40 years old. Does anyone here have a line on a replacement? I'm sure I'll need one soon. The Gibraltar straps I have for my Tama FlexiFlyer pedal are narrower in width than the Rogers, so I was wondering if anyone was making replacements in the same size out there?

And the strap for the Swiv-O-matic are not the same width, I checked. Apparently, there's people who make those straps.

I'd appreciate any and all info!
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