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Default Re: Best heads for a gretsch usa custom?

Gretsch USA Customs are quite versatile. RickP's advice based on genre of music you are playing is right on. I would add that the best choice also should include the environment you are playing in. Are you playing a lot of acccoustic, low volume settings, maybe using brushes a lot? Or are you playing in a louder, amplified environment? Your drums can be tailored for either with the right head choice. As Rick mentioned, the standard Gretsch Permatone heads are very good general purpose heads. You shouldn't feel compelled to replace them right away. In my case, my kit is an 18/14/12 and I play a lot with brushes, always low volume. So I use very thin heads, mostly Diplomats including the M5 with a 2 ply Hazy reso on the snare. I like Evans sound control heads on the bass, and the J1 Etched on the toms.
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