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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

Pale ales and IPA's are my absolute favorite. Currently I would have to say that Stone IPA and Little Sumpin' Sumpin' are at the top of my charts. But for most normal days, I buy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at Walmart. Tastes great and not too expensive.

Second choice is liquor. I like bourbon on the rocks (JD or Woodford Reserve) and quality tequila, neat - Don Julio 1942 is good, as is Classe Azul. In a pinch, Cuervo Tradicional is acceptable when chilled in the freezer.

I also really like red wine, and when I say red wine, I mean cabernet sauvignon. I try to stick to the Napa Valley wines. There are soooo many choices when it comes to wine - I restrict myself to that particular region just so that I can develop enough breadth of experience to be able to make a more intelligent selection. For example, I know that I like cabs from Mt. Veeder from 2009, because I've had a couple different ones that I thought were very good. So if I see one on a wine list somewhere, I can be reasonably sure that it will be of similar quality.
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