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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Well I was thinking the Genera G1 Clears for my reso heads because I read they were good to pair with Chromes (toms) and also because I can get them in a pack, much cheaper that way. The more I play that snare the more I'm diggin' it. Can't wait to see how it sounds when I put a new reso head on it. I'll go with the 300. But yeah decided on Chromes for my toms over the Onyx. Now, help me find an 18x16 floor tom in #98 Charcoal Metallic. Thx! :)~

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
I'm sorry, when you said resos I automatically started thinking for toms. For a snare side with the Black Chrome on top, I'd probably stick with a 300 for balance (maybe even a 500 if you're cranking the heck out of the batter head- just to keep it from getting too bright).

As for the snare, G1 should be just as affordable (if not more so).

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