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Default Re: Happy Halloween Favorite Horror/Thriller Movie

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
The movie that absolutely terrified and upset me as a kid, and still stands to me as the best horror film, is The Exorcist. I guess it just hit on too many taboos. I remember barely being able to watch it for fear of what was going to happen next.
When I was young I decided to scare myself by reading The Exorcist while listening to Black Sabbath's first album in a candlelit room with some herbal helper. It worked.

Later I saw the film and was suitably terrified. A few years later I visited a friend and he had The Exorcist video on while chatting with some others. He was pretty loud and I asked if he could tone it down while I watched the movie - I never forgot his reply: "Who cares? It's just a girl in a room going GRARRGH the whole time".

I tried watching again but the spell was broken. Turned out it actually was just a girl in a room going GRARRGH :)


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