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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey Everyone!

Real name? Jack Love

Age? 28

How long have you been playing drums for? 6 years

Origin of username? Not quite sure actually....

Top 5 favorite drummers? Mike Johnston, Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Benny Greb, Taz

Make of your drum kit? I have 2 kits that I play. One is a custom Shine kit, and the other an early 80's Gretsch.

Make of cymbals? I'm in love with Meinl Cymbals. More specifically the Sand series, and the extra dry series.

Where do you practice? I practice at my studio in Seattle.

Are you in a band? 3 in fact! Crazy...

Originals or covers? For live shows, I play mostly originals. But I am trying to learn more and more covers for my own benefit.

Style? I play just about any style, but I've been playing punk the longest.

Favorite food? Crepes. It's a strange addiction....

What country? USA

Fun fact about me? I studied music in college, but did not start playing drums until after. I studied classical and jazz trumpet.

What got me into drumming? It looked really fun, and I found out that it was!
Me? Oh I like drums!
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