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Here's the intro to Mist Mountain Hop that I mentioned above as I hear it. I have the book "Best of Led Zeppelin Drums" and if I remember correctly it has a bar of 9/8 before the band comes in. The transcriber must have heard the upbeat ostenato played by Jones as coming in on the downbeat. I don't hear it that way and I think the below way is much more likely. Again, this is my own take:

Does anyone else hear it this way or a different way?

Also, the groove Bonham plays here to me is very much like the groove he plays for Rock and Roll. The Misty groove is slower than Rock and Roll and there are no locked hands between snare and riding hi-hat, but I believe he employes that shuffle feel in riding the hi-hat where the first attack (on the downbeat) is stronger and the second attack (on the upbeat) is more of a bounce or more of a two for the price of one type thing. A very traditional thing for an R&B drummer to employ, so it's a very likely technique to be part of Bonham's repetoire in my opinion. When you watch the live stuff, you can see this attack and you can see how it's a flick of the wrist technique (sort of - it's actually easier to see or demo than to explain). His bass drum comping in both tunes is very similar as I hear it too.
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