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Default Which of these two monitors?

Hey guys, I don't really know much about speakers or amps, so I thought I'd throw this out there.

I think a few people from this forum or maybe reviews that I'd read suggested I get a Simmons DA200s for playing backing tracks/click tracks with my accoustic kit. I can't seem to find these in Australia so transit would blow the cost out a fair bit.

Today I walked into a light and sound store and the guy showed me a few amps... it was a Wharfedale kinetic 12MA that I landed on... for about $400AUD.

Could anyone tell me if it's much better than the simmons?

The specs for the Simmons:

And the Wharfedale:

The obvious thing is that the wharfedale has more power... I just don't know if they're measured differently or how this would actually sound.

I would be running a line in from my iphone to play the tracks.
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