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Default New Drum Monitor

The increase in the use of in-ear and small-scale personal monitors means that drummers now often complain that they don't hear enough low end. One solution was the so-called Butt Kicker, essentially a small subwoofer mounted in the drummer's stool, but a neater solution has been developed by Mr Fripl Aloo of the Delhi institute for vibrational technology.

Drawing on his medical background, Mr Aloo has managed to package a small, low frequency transducer into a capsule tethered by its connecting cable and which is worn by the drummer as a suppository.

Dubbed by its creator as in-rear monitoring, this could also be interpreted as being fitted into the drummer's stool! Power comes from a double-isolated low-voltage switch-mode adaptor and 20 Watt Class D Amplifier where bicycle clips and extra thick calamine lotion are included as accessories.

Tests are still being carried out to "assess" any long health implications though drummers playing in reggae bands are advised not to eat anything spicy within two days prior to a performance. Or drink any Guinness...

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