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Default Re: Fiberskyn/Skyntone on a brass snare?

Originally Posted by Mendozart View Post
I have a '59-'60 Ludwig "Super" that I had been having problems with. I tried several different heads and they all fit snug. Then a friend of mine had this Remo Skyntone head that he wasn't using, and I tried it. It fit better than anything I've tried, and sounds really good on this drum. I don't know how well these would hold up in a Rock gig setting, but I use this drum for low-volume gigs and it has such a great tone.

I have used the Skytone on rock, jazz, folk, and funk gigs and it holds up well for me on the snare. I actually have had the same one on my snare for a year and a half now (I like old heads/not sure why) and it is still holding up. It is close to the point of needing a new now but that snare is played probably a good 20 hours a week.
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