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I like his drumming. Hes not the best, but far better than me so who am I to trash him? And tell me one drummer thats into metal that hasnt learned one Metallica song. I know I have worked out most of 2 songs. As for him and Napster, well come on.Thats how he makes his money, thats how a lot of people make there money. Its not the same as the old tape sharing days of the 80's. I have the original tape of Metallica I got sometime in 83 or 82. Its a dubed tape and as soon as I saw a LP in the store I bought it so I could get a better copy of it. Now you can get cd quality from your computer and never buy the original. Never pay anyone for the music. That would be like someone in the parking lot of the shop I work at fixing motorcycles so people didnt have to pay me. Your right I would be out there having a few words with that guy! Or better yet, someone just burning 50 copies of my bands cd and only paying me for one or maybe none,after I have spent a lot of money to make it, thats sounds great sign me up.Ya maybe he doesnt need the money but even if you where that rich I am sure you wouldnt like someone stealing from you, even if it was just a few dollars. So go ahead and trash me now for being on there side, I dont care.
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