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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

Originally Posted by RinkRat View Post
Curiosity sake:
How many of you using this type of setup, play open handed?

From the last few days of playing this way, it looks as though I need to alter the setup a bit. As comfortable as everything else with this configuration is for me, the hats are just a bit further away than I'd like.

  1. Move the 13" tom to the floor, by the 16"
  2. Replace the 12" with a 8" or 10"
  3. Learn to play Open <*GULP*>
  4. Move to a 20" Bass Drum
  5. Buy a longer sticks
  6. Mount hats on Bass Drum & use remote
I would say number one is your best option. I do this with my 12" when it feels too crowded up top sometimes. It also depends on what kind of music you play. If your playing calls for a lot of rolls down the toms then you may want to keep them up top. If you play more jazz, gospel or linear stuff then you can get away with one up two down easier
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