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Originally Posted by fixmejesus
I want to see this too.

Name and links, mp3s.

15 people I'm waiting for.

Read my first post. Think about it. I have a question for you: Why do you care about this? Does it make Johns accomplishments better if there aren't any drummer with a faster right foot? Does it make them worse if there are? Will you enjoy Zeppelins music more or less if you know exactly?

I still don't understand why so many people on this whole forum confuse drumming and music with sports. You wanna compete? Go play soccer or become a runner.

I also don't understand this whole "my favorite drummer is better than yours" attitude. Cut the crap guys, it's annoying as hell. There are so many great drummers.... there is so much great music....

Why argue in such pointless ways about such nonsense?

Maybe I also get this whole Discussion Forum idea wrong - that's why I left this forum for quite some time and it's the reason why I'm about to leave once more.

Finn - we'll stay in touch anyway!
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