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Default Re: Adding on to Roland TD-30 kit

Here is my TD-30KV kit with a bunch of extras:

I have all that running off of a TD-30 and TD-9 module. The only things not hooked up to the TD-30 are the (4) PD-85's (auxilery toms) and the splash cymbal by the hi-hat. I am currently using 2 splitters to make this setup work and they work pretty well. Not 100% perfect, but probably 90%.

Edit: Dont forget that all the drums and cymbals are dual zone, so you can have 2 different sounds on them. If you don't play the rims of your toms, you can set them up to be whatever sound you want. It doesnt feel as realistic hitting a tom rim to get a splash sound, but they work great for cowbells and tambourines.
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