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Default G2 heads for a PDP Maple, coated or clear?

So I'm fixin' to re head my PDP M5 maple kit. It came with very beat up EC2s and stock resos. I'm going to do the always popular G1 clear on the reso side. For the batter side I'm pretty set on the G2s but am having a tough tome deciding between coated or clear. I like the look of the clears better but I think I like the warmth and controlled sound of the coated heads.

Would I be able to coax more of a coated sound out of the clears by putting moongels on them? Right now I think the EC2s have a bit much attack on this kit and are sort of "harsh" sounding. Will I even notice a difference between the coated and clear G2s or am I splitting hairs? Anyone here with an M5 have a preference?
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