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Default Re: Hardware: my diva requests

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Hear hear! Yes gearless tilters FTW. It would seem like it would be less expensive to manufacture a smooth disc than a geared disc too. So it should be good for them, but there's the re-tooling. I just hope there comes a day where gears are gone from most hardware. Light weight, I second that. Single braced stands....just as stable as double braced stands. Tube size, never considered that. OK. Stand weight? As long as it's as light as they can reasonably get it, then I don't need this. But it can't hurt. Throne? I think most companies make a throne already right? But yea, great demand list. You should start a hardware company. You have all the right ideas that drummers crave. I'd say there's a substantial market for a line of hardware with all those features. Getting the majors to do all this....may never happen.
I think YOU should start a hardware company. Then when people ask me what kind of hardware I use, I can say its "Larry's Hardware". It'll be like when I use "Craig's Travelers Cheques". Hahaha!
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