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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

I find it hard to believe that stock heads are really as bad as people think. Im sure the manufacturers don't put heads on that make their drums sound like crap, if they did, who would fall in love with the sound and buy the drums? If you like the sound in the store, bring it home and play those heads. If you don't like the sound, your kind of taking an expensive chance ( on the kit and new heads) to see if makes the sound you want when its all changed out. People think the heads they are used to will work on any drums across the board, its just not the case. Drums without heads is a dumb idea. id rather not be hit with the unseen cost of heads when buying a kit. I don't know but does DW put crap heads on their kits? if so, that may explain the glut of used DW kits on the market, everyone thought their new heads would get the sound they were looking for but didn't.
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