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Default Re: Does anyone have this Gibraltar throne?

Originally Posted by Mike Stand View Post
Thanks for the tip, I hadn't thought of checking Amazon.

They have the weight listed for this single braced Gibraltar throne base as 7,4lbs. However, I think they round up the weight to include packaging. I noticed that the weight listed for other stuff I own is more than the actual weight of the item in question (a Yamaha cymbal stand for example).

As for the spindle, you'd be surprised. It doesn't account for that much weight as one might think. I unscrewed mine and weighed it to see if it was worth cutting off 30%-35% of the length. Turns out I would have reduced it's weight by only 200gramms maximum.

I don't have the exact figures, I think I posted them already on another thread about the Carmichael throne.

You gotta take it where you can get it, 200 grams is 200 grams.
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