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Default Re: Hardware: my diva requests

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Throne? I think most companies make a throne already right?
Thats true, and Gibraltar do have equivalent thrones for their series. But they don't seem to include them in their hardware sets - in fact, I don't think anyone does.

I am having a little dig at Ludwig, because their classic throne weighs a ton and doesn't exactly match the rest of the set in terms of need haha. And I don't like Ludwig because they stopped making Speed Kings (wire base, direct drive classic!). I am not sure why, it was only one of the best pedals ever. Nothing important!!

I have to admit their classic booms stands are pretty impressive - lightweight(ish) and they have them 360 degree tilter things. Very nice.

But it baffles me with Yamaha - for their 700 series, the snare is gearless, but the cymbal stands are not. Why not use the same design? Baffling. And for the gibraltar flats, the cymbal stands are gearless, but the snare stand is not. Very strange!

I think I will use a hotch-potch combination of all sorts.

Yeah, I think the floor-plate is a good point. I love the smoothness of the Pearl direct drive, but I would love to have a Pepsi challenge with a wire-base version just to see!

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