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Default Hardware: my diva requests


On the off-chance that manufactures are reading, here are my diva requests for hardware-makers from a nightmare drummer:

1) Pearl made gearless snare/cymbal tilters 30 years ago. In this twitter-world, why are there stands with gears still on them? It might be patent laws. Or plain laziness. I have noticed that some manufacturers have gearless stands but only for their heavy ranges, like it is some sort of luxury. I have heard one manufacturer hint that them becoming loose is a problem, but this must be nonsense because the same manufacturer has them on their top lines. Gearless stands as standard, please!

2) Lightweight hardware does not mean rubbish hardware, or for people "on a budget". At last, some are seeing the light. Pearl, take note. Not all drummers have a roadie.

3) Make the throne as a part of your series of stands. Drummers need to sit down. And they don't have to weight a ton, and they all don't have to have the threaded pole design, which I really hate.

4) Tell people how much the stands weigh. It is helpful.

5) Tell people the tube sizes. Some drummers have to mix and match to get want they want!

6) Single braced stands are strong enough for most people. Only Yamaha make them as far as I am aware (apart from the flat ranges), but they are geared stands.

7) Stop using floorplates for pedals as standard - I have never had a problem with a wired base. This might be a case of over-engineering. For example, you cannot even buy a direct drive bass pedal without an annoying floorplate. As I said before, not every drummer has a roadie and they have to carry their stuff up stairs, in lifts, through kitchens, etc.

8) How about using Aluminium to make them ultra-light? For people with money of course. I know Gibraltar have started to do this, all credit to them.

9) Have cases/bags that are not the size of a tent. A sensible choice would be to have a system where drummers can carry everything in 2 bags, and we all know what we carry in them. The normal variance is the number of cymbal stands we have.

10) I think that is enough - oh, apart from that I would a buy a series of stands that are gearless, lightweight, direct drive, wire-based pedals, and including a seat to sit down. This would be good enough for most people, apart from metalheads.
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