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Default Re: What type of drumstick tip do you prefer- Teardrop, Acorn or Oval?

Originally Posted by masonni View Post
Best thing to do would be buy a few pair and try them out.

I use Regal Tip 5BX, it's 1/4" longer than a normal stick and has an acorn tip.
I tried just about every size and model stick before that came along. It's what just ended up being right for me, and I feel I can do ANY style gig with that one stick.

I say if you like the Regal Tip 5A as a size, try a few pairs out of similar models.
Keep in mind Regal's 5A is a little thicker than everyone else's.

All of these sticks are the same size, but with a different tip

Regal Tip 5A - .580" x 16" - Teardrop Tip
Vic Firth 55A - .580" x 16" - Acorn Tip
Pro Mark 808 Paul Wertico model - .579" x 16" Round Tip
Vater Josh Freese H-220 model - .580" x 16" Rounder Teardrop Tip
Life is good. Especially when someone has good info! Thanks for the comparisons!
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