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Default Re: Does anyone have this Gibraltar throne?

Originally Posted by Mike Stand View Post
Well, yes, the difference in weight is likely to be very small. However, I'm also replacing all may stands. I calculated that I could lose several kg/lbs of weight by replacing my stands with lighter, straight Yamaha stands. It all adds up. I just haven't found the weight for this Gibraltar throne base yet.

I use a Carmichael throne top but still have the original Gibraltar top. So I'd be able to sell the double braced throne with the top, probably at a good price, which would part finance the single braced base.

My back is practically begging me to eliminate as much weight as possible from the hardware case.
The CARMICHAEL top is heavy, mine weighs in at 8lbs, as a comparison a TAMA ERGO weighs 10.57lbs and that's the top and the base. But who cares the CARMICHAEL is sooo worth the extra weight.

This was mentioned b/f, the spindle is a big part of the weight on those types of throne bases. Cutting the spindle has its drawbacks, resale is diminished, you're stuck in that height range etc. Tho if you can live with it, cutting the spindle down is a substantial weight saving option.
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